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Walrus Audio Releases the first of its new compact stereo platform with presets - the Mako Series D1 High Fidelity Echo Machine

DelayDigital DelayWalrus Audio

I have been complaining about the lack of stereo compact delays and reverbs for some years now - until two excellent candidates have arrived in quick succession. First Keeley’s Flange Modulated Eccos Delay and now this equally impressive unit from Walrus Audio.


I assume that the Mako Series will be a little more utilitarian in looks and function - meaning more vanilla types of effects versus say the more colourful and unusual SLÖ Reverb. It’s also intriguing to see how Keeley and Walrus come up with quite different control topologies and solutions to overall the same sort of challenges.


I feel that in terms of ease of use that Walrus Audio is definitely the winner - as there are too many secondary functions on the Eccos to make it instantly learnable. I also really like the application of the Tweak knob with the 3-way Mod | Tone | Age selector for each of 3 different variables - there is some complexity there are some of those variable are different to the printed legend, but I feel this way is slightly more usable than the Alt+Secondary Function two-knob approach. Everything on this pedal is pretty clear and straightforward really including the 5 Programs / Modes:

  • Digital - Clean Crystal Clear Delays
  • Modulated - Random Variable Rate LFO Modulations
  • Vintage - Analog Style Delay
  • Dual - Two Parallel Delays with different Time Divisions
  • Reverse - Backward Playing Delay

The Presets are slightly unusual in being 3 Banks of 3 - i.e. select either Bank A, B or C and then step up through 3 presets via pressing both the Bypass and Tap footswitches simultaneously. If you wish to save a preset you just make sure you’re on the right Preset Slot - Bank A/B/C and then Red, Green or Blue - and then you hold down the two footswitches simultaneously to save.


Not so long ago I said that the Eccos was probably my new favourite compact delay unit - being stereo, and having presets and all that - also having an exceptional sounding Flanged Delay - and a looper onboard. And while the Mako D1 is more elegant in some ways and has more varied modes - the Eccos’ core modulation is particularly lush - it’s really hard to call actually - I think both are excellent and it will largely depend on which type of delay you more like the sound of - or whether you want a simple looper or more variety - swings and roundabouts really - these are exciting times for sure! One thing to note to is that the Eccos has a slightly keener price - $249 versus the $299 of the Mako D1.

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