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Boost and Overdrive

Zander Circuitry Releases New and Improved V2 Junipero 8-Mode Stereo Aqueous Modulator with Enhanced Algorithms

Chorus and VibratoFlangerModulationModulation WorkstationMulti-FXPhaserRotary SpeakerTremoloZander Circuitry+-

The original Junipero was already formidable, while the perfectionist in Alex Millar has meant that he’s spent over a year refining and improving every aspect of the pedal - which is now re-released as a V2 edition with a better mix of enhanced algorithms.


Most of the physical and technical aspects of the pedal remain the same - while the circuit and algorithms have been significantly evolved and enhanced.


The Key Controls are still Rate, Depth, CTRL (Detune / Depth / ...

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Boss re-tools its Waza-Air Wireless Headset to deliver the ’Waza-Air-Bass’ - a dedicated version for Bass Players that is re-calibrated to work better with those lower frequencies.


The same sort of Bluetooth Wireless Headset plus WL-T Transmitter and Mobile App make up this package, while the dynamics have obviously been enhanced to cope with the expanded low-end range. ...

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Rabea Massaad Pedalboard Dynamics and Essential Tone Components

Beetronics FXBoostBoost and OverdriveBossBuffalo FXCompressorCoopersonic Audio EngineeringDelayDelay WorkstationDigital DelayDigital ReverbDistortionDriveElectro-HarmonixEQExpressionFuzzFuzz-Drive and FuzzstortionGamechanger AudioGermanium FuzzGuitar Synth and SequencerKeeley EngineeringLehleLoop-SwitcherMarshall Style DistortionMission EngineeringModulationModulation WorkstationMr Black PedalsMulti-FXMXROctaverOrigin EffectsOverdrivePedalboard and Pedal-ChainPower SuppliesReverbReverb WorkstationSplitter and Frequency SplitterStrymonTape DelayTheGigRigUtilityVox Style DistortionWalrus Audio+-

I’ve followed Rabea Massaad for quite a few years now - and while I’ve not attended any of his Toska, Dorje or Frog Leap gigs yet - I’ve been to a number of his impressive Guitar Clinics - including at the last Birmingham Guitar Show most recently.


I’ve obviously grown up with Rabea mostly courtesy of his association with Rob Chapman and Lee Anderton / Andertons - having watched most of his output on those channels - including in particular ’Sounds Like&...

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Mark Seel's 3 Degrees Audio Delivers the Really Cool Bygones Nostalgic Multi-Effect - a Stereo Lo-Fi Modulator with Delay

3 Degrees AudioBitcrushing and Lo-FiGlitchLo-Fi DelayModulationMulti-FXOddball Modulation+-

I can’t recall exactly where I came across this first - but it was certainly well before Mike Famiglietti (The Dharma Initiative) announced that he had secured one - and in fact the now 2nd demo. Mike seems to always be on the pulse for these cool textural and glitchy effects pedals. As usual I’m overcommitted for the month so this launch of 20 pedals was somewhat academic for me - but I would very much like to pick one of these up at some stage. Actually - it seems I’ve ...

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All you ever wanted to know about Canada's Premier Pedal Boutique, Guitar Gear Emporium, and Distributor - Axe and You Shall Receive!

Alexander PedalsAxe and You Shall ReceiveBeat MachineBenson AmpsBitcrushing and Lo-FiBoost and OverdriveChorus and VibratoCooper FXDelayDigital DelayDistortionDriveFairfield CircuitryFlangerFuzzFuzz Face Style FuzzFuzzrociousGermanium FuzzGFI SystemGreer AmpsGuitar Synth and SequencerIdiotBox FXKlone and Transparent OverdriveModulationModulation WorkstationMulti-FXOverdrivePhaserRainger FXRotary SpeakerScott HagerSilicon FuzzSpaceman EffectsSpiral Electric FXSubdecay EffectsTape DelayThorpyFXUtility+-

I actually only got to know ’Axe and You Shall Receive’ Owner / Founder Scott Hager relatively recently - while I first bought a pedal from his store (courtesy of back in 2017 - my much loved ’Gold Bar’ edition of Dr Scientist’s The Elements Preamp / Drive which readers will have seen heavily featured on this site.


Earlier this year - back in March in fact - Scott and I bonded over Big Tone Music Brewery’s (BTMB) EQ’d Vintage Series...

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2021 July Boss Month Pedal-Chain Update - Episode VII - Boss Level Endgame

Bardic Audio DevicesBlackhawk AmplifiersBlues Driver Style OverdriveBoostBoost and OverdriveBossBoss MonthBrown Sound DistortionChorus and VibratoD*A*M EffectsDecibelicsDelayDelay WorkstationDigital DelayDigital ReverbDistortionDriveDrive WorkstationDual-DriveEffects Pedal MakersEnvelope Filter and Auto WahEQFlangerFuzzFuzz Face Style FuzzGermanium FuzzHarmonizerInterchange Noise WorksKlirrton ManufakturKMA AudioLooperMarshall Style DistortionMetal DistortionModulationModulation WorkstationMulti-DriveMulti-FXNoise GateOctave FuzzOctaverOverdrivePhaserPitchPitch-ShiftingReverbReverb WorkstationSilicon FuzzSuper-Fuzz StyleTape DelayTremoloTubescreamer Style OverdriveUtilityVox Style DistortionWah and Fixed Wah+-

So this is the culmination of my first ever ’Boss Month’ concerted focus on everything Boss! I do hope you enjoyed the broad sweep of all those articles - and had some fun with my speculative projections and suggestions. The natural end to all of that is of course to set out the pedal-chain as a Peak Boss implementation - using what I have within my extensive Boss collection. I of course had to add a few more units - but only a handful really. I’m guessing some who don’t...

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IK Multimedia Launches X-Gear Hardware Pedal Editions of its AmpliTube Plugin Algorithms - the X-Drive, X-Space, X-Time, and X-Vibe

AmpliTubeBig Muff Style FuzzBoostBoost and OverdriveDelayDelay WorkstationDigital DelayDigital ReverbDistortionDriveDrive WorkstationFuzz Face Style FuzzIK MultimediaModulationModulation WorkstationMulti-FXOctave FuzzOverdrivePreAmpReverbReverb Workstation+-

These are exciting times as another brand enters the Big Box Workstation Pedal arena. An area typically dominated by Strymon, Boss, Eventide, and to a lesser degree Empress Effects and Universal Audio. Eventide really kicked this sort of thing off with its quartet of ModFactor, PitchFactor, Space and TimeFactor. Before Strymon kind of took over with its Mobius, TimeLine and Big Sky.

I largely have a mix of Strymon and Boss in this area with the Empress EchoSystem too. It seems that IK ...

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Boss GT-1000 CORE vs 200 and 500 Series Pedals

Boost and OverdriveBossBoss MonthDelayDelay WorkstationDigital DelayDigital ReverbDistortionDrive WorkstationEffects Pedal MakersModulationModulation WorkstationMulti-FXReverbReverb Workstation+-

In a number of my Boss features and reviews I’ve noted some of the disparities between the GT-1000 CORE Parameters / Algorithms and those generally available in other parts of the range - particularly in the 200 and 500 Series pedals. I thought it would be a good idea to do a general overview of exactly where the GT-1000 CORE sits in relationship to the Total Boss Parameters available within the range. At launch, the GT-1000 CORE only had around half the Effects available in the obviously...

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This was actually suggested by a follower - Alex on Instagram. I really love my SY-1 and use that a lot - and it would be even better with a few more flavours, and more importantly - Presets onboard!


So I’ve mocked-up my final Boss Month speculative entry - certainly for the 200-Series format. My version is largely just the SY-1 with a few extra bells and whistles. I think it looks really good in that format!


I’ve taken all the Sounds / Types from the SY-1 and just...

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As the Last of the Boss 20-Series Pedals start to bow out - how many of those will we see transition to 200-Series Equivalents?

ArpeggiatorBitcrushing and Lo-FiBlues Driver Style OverdriveBoostBoost and OverdriveBossBoss MonthBrown Sound DistortionChorus and VibratoDelayDigital DelayDistortionDriveDrive WorkstationDual-DriveDumble Style OverdriveEffects Pedal MakersEnvelope Filter and Auto WahEQFlangerGuitar Synth and SequencerHarmonizerKlone and Transparent OverdriveLooperMarshall Style DistortionMetal DistortionModelling AmpModulationModulation WorkstationMulti-DriveMulti-FXOctaverOddball ModulationOverdrivePhaserPitchPitch-ShiftingPreAmpReverb WorkstationRing ModulationRotary SpeakerSlicer and StutterSpacey ReverbSwellTape DelayTremoloTubescreamer Style OverdriveUni-Vibe and VibeUtilityVox Style DistortionWah and Fixed Wah+-

Where once there were around 12 Boss 20-Series Double Pedals (per second visual below) - now if you scan through Boss.Info - you will find only a couple still on the books as it were. And I feel that the days of the RE-20 Space Echo and VE-20 Voice Performer are likely numbered too - which is why I’ve done a suggested mockup of what the RE-20 in particular might look like in 200-Series format.


As a long-term Boss and Roland flagship effect - I feel we will certainly see it being ...

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