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Boost and Overdrive

Foxpedal's Vixen Dimensional Drive is even more appealing in the flesh and has a Wonderful Depth of Harmonics

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May has been a busy month with quite a number of overdrive pedals new on the scene, and within that company the Vixen Dimensional Drive is a particularly special candidate. It has one of the prettiest enclosures you might ever happen upon - with a really special paint-job of a vibrant shade of Royal Blues which is right on the cusp of Purple - so that in certain lights the pedal appears sort of purple - but is most of the time a really deep and vibrant royal blue.


I noted before that one of its clipping options is pretty rare - the Nanalog N3 Quantum Diode. And that’s where most of the fun is to be had - with a particularly appealing dense and deep harmonic character with a little less top-end too. It’s not quite as harmonically rich as my Keeley-Modded Blues Driver - but replaces that pedal for this month at least with something pretty close to that sort of richness - while being distinct to itself.


The other 1N4148 Diode flavour is a somewhat more open-pored and slightly lighter touch - with less low-end and more high frequency content. John Snyder of Creation Music and Foxpedal fame explained to me why he did not feel it worthwhile to have a second footswitch to toggle those two modes as they are quite distinct. While I largely deploy the same settings on both - and with Bass and Treble Maxed out. This is very much a medium-gain pedal - where I operate the Gain mostly between 12-3 o’c, Presence at around 2:30 o’c, and Volume adjusted to setup - which on mine is around 2 o’c. There’s plenty of range on-tap here in any case on each control.


This is a really versatile and dynamic - and richly harmonic overdrive - which is worth having for the N3 variant alone - so both together make for a highly appealing proposition.


John Snyder explained to me how he and his son Bruce had taken over Foxpedal back on January 1st 2018, and how all that time had been taken completely re-tooling the whole range for more robust construction and rapid roll-out. Both the Quiver Harmonic Tremolo and Novaplex Delay will be coming through soon enough - John, Bruce and their team had to largely re-originate and re-program those and they are now at long last finally nearing completion - so exciting times ahead for Foxpedal no doubt.


The Vixen Dimensional Drive is bold and distinctive - particularly in Nanolog N3 Mode and really deserves an audition - it is of course available for $199 direct from the Foxpedal Webstore.

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