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Kuro Custom Audio Unveils its Menacing Single-Knob Apophis BC109 Fuzz - tempered by Rare Germanium Diodes

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Apophis is derived from the Egyptian Serpent God Apep (Apophis in Greek) - Lord of Chaos and Darkness - who is mortal enemy to Sun God Ra - forever trying to swallow him up and return him to oblivion!


This manifests as a hugely potent and slightly menacing 2 x BC109 Transistor Fuzz which is capable of some significant degree of fierceness - but is beautifully tempered by NOS Germanium Diodes - which rather renders it as more fat and juicy - with most of that really rough and strident silicon spikiness removed.


The circuit started off as a sort of homage to vintage one knob fuzzes - but took quite a different direction to the more typical Coloursound variety - instead using a cascaded topology which by default delivers tones in sort of the Fuzzrite / Peppermint Fuzz family - with a sort of tempered chaos in its fuzz bloom, ebb and flow.


Giulio describes it as having a midsy vocal quality which rather delivers vintage fuzz vibes - while you can of course crank it up into doom territory - where it sort of percolates menacingly - but never breaks into the full-on chaos that its name inspires.


The Germanium Diodes really add a magical quality to the fuzz tonality and give you quite a different texture to raw BC109 cascaded distortion. There is of course plenty of volume on tap here and very significant gain to go with that.


These fuzzes are so hot off the press - that I don’t even have one for myself yet. These will be released periodically in small batches of only 5 or 10 - and go for the very appealing price of €99 with shipping included for customers based on the European mainland continent - as part of a Kuro special summer offer. Overseas buyers will of course need to pay additional shipping based on their destination address.


To get your hands on one of these you need to petition Giulio in a genial manner - courtesy of his main email - - or via Instagram Messaging.


These are made available for the first time immediately upon this article going live!


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