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Pettyjohn Electronics Releases the Versatile Rail Fuzz in New More Compact Enclosure

FuzzOpAmp FuzzPettyjohn Electronics
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Pettyjohn’s new Fuzz is described as a full-range everyman type of fuzz edging into fuzzstortion territory. It’s essentially an archetypical Modern OpAmp-based Fuzz - of course with some Pettyjohn circuit trickery / tricknology! As usual you can buy different mods for the pedal, while this is actually the very first of Pettyjohn’s brand new more compact format - significantly smaller than the slanted-front core pedals we have been used to thus far. Also the enclosure styling is quite different with the core range being fairly sharp and angular - while this variant has a much softer profile with rounded corners and edges.


Tonally it’s really rather modern in structure too with low noise floor and a degree of tightness to it - so more akin in feel to something like a Gamechanger Plasma Coil.


There are 4 very straight-forward controls on the pedal - Level, Drive, Lows and Highs - and the pedal should ship later in February for $199 outlay plus p&p.


This is obviously something of a departure for Pettyjohn and possibly doesn’t have the usual cachet of those more unique enclosures with smart extra touches - it sounds pretty solid to me though, and I will be interested to see how well this fares. I’m actually still trying to chase down a Pettyjohn Fuze - which has now been discontinued - I will add that to my list of priorities for the year!

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