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Boost and Overdrive

Steve Demedash has a significant Drop of Limited and Standard Edition Pedals hitting at 10:00 CST Each Working Day of this Week

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If you were after one of Steve Demedash’s killer T-120 Videotape Echo Units, 112+ Preamp/Distortion Pedals, or Spidola Germanium Fuzz Devices - then this coming week is your critical diary appointment. As on each working day at 10:00 Hrs CST, Steve will be making a limited quantity of limited colourway editions available on his Demedash Effects Store - so probably a good time to bookmark that in advance!


All T-120’s are the latest V2 version of circuit with all the extras detailed below - available in Unpolished and Polished Stamped Enclosures, as well as the current classic colourway - and 3 Glossy Solid Colour Editions.


The 112+ Preamp/Distortion gets a new Coral-accentuated colourway - with either Black or Colourful Colour-Coordinated Tinted Knobs - in Pink, Gold and Silver. I have picked out the Tinted version for myself.


And finally the best version of the Spidola - the striking Red with Gold Knobs, like my own first batch edition, is available in very limited numbers.


The Daily Drops will be as follows :


Monday May 17th 10am CST : 20 x 112+ Coral-Accented Preamp/Distortion with Black or Colourful Tinted Knobs (Pink/Gold/Silver) ($205) | 5 x Spidola Germanium Fuzz with Gold Knobs ($185)


Tuesday May 18th 10am CST : 9 x Polished & Stamped T-120 DLX V2 with Tap Insert Jack ($385) | 12 x T-120 DLX V2’s with Aluminium Knobs ($340)


Wednesdays May 19th 10am CST : 8 x Unpolished & Stamped T-120 DLX V2 ($340) | 3 Different Solid Coloured & Stamped T-120 DLX V2 editions - All Black, Red, and Green ($375)


Thursday May 20th 10am CST : 20 x Black T-120 DLX V2 ($350)


Friday May 21st 10am CST : 7 x Polished and Stamped T-120 V2 ($275) | 2 x Unpolished & Stamped T-120 V2 ($270)


NOTE that some of these may already be spoken for - I believe all the Green T-120 DLX Editions have been taken already. Steve may also have one or two more surprises up his sleeve. Some of these are expected to be snapped up very quickly so make sure you are logged into your PayPal account well in advance - in order to have the best chance of securing one of these!

I was initially intending to do a sort of Demedash Effects range overview around the time of the launch of the forthcoming T-60 Analog Modulator : Chorus/Flange/Vibrato - while this Limited Editions Drop has sort of accelerated that path. The T-60 is due hopefully in early Autumn now.


Note that I also slightly misinterpreted the December launch of the T-120 V2 Editions where I did not realise quite how significant a release that was - and mistook it for being iterative rather than a fully updated release with over a year’s worth of further development of the circuit. I will detail some of those key changes below as I will feature each of these pedal types in slightly more detail.


The above visual serves as a handy bookmark and reminder to my own 2 Demedash Pedals - picture at #2 and #4 in the bottom row. I’ve still to decide which T-120 Edition is my preferred version - while I really like the silver edition released last year - with the Red, Green and Yellow knobs. No doubt I will have one of those soon enough, and I’m really looking forward to participating in the T-60 Launch.


Here follow the individual circuit details :

T-120 V2 Videotape Echo


This is the original flagship Demedash pedal - with its distinctive modulated video-tape style echo - with numerous extended features onboard and enhanced modulation controls. Best described as shades of Worn, Warm, Wavering, Garbled and Wonderful!


Controls are : Time, Mix, Intensity, Depth/Glide, Speed/Randomize, Tape Quality


New for the V2 Edition are 2 new LFO parameters - Glide (Waveform Smoothness), and Ramdomize (Degree of Ramdomized Waveforms that sit between the Square and Triangle Periodic defaults). You access the Secondary Parameter Controls by holding down the footswitch. Really very straight forward in operation - and you decide on just how much you want your echo to be degraded.

T-120 V2 DLX Videotape Echo


The Extended Feature Set DLX variety most obviously has the added Second Footswitch - Tap/Swell to go with the original Engage/Alt default.


As before you hold down the main Engage footswitch to access Secondary Parameter Controls on the respective knobs - now fully labelled up on the latest enclosures.


Controls are largely identical to the T-120 stock edition - just with a few more variations in tow.


So for the DLX variety you in addition have Tap-Tempo with Divisions, Stereo Output via TRS Cable, Switchable Echo Trails, and a Momentary Self-Oscillation function that be used even when in bypass. This is most definitely the version for me - and since it has Stero Output, I can no longer excuse its inclusion in my rig - albeit it would need to go in rotation on the #34 incumbent Cooper FX Arcades slot!


I'm getting closer to puling the trigger on one of these - it will surely happen soon enough. I just can't fully yet decide which Colourway Edition is my overall favrourite - while as mentioned, I really like the Silver Edition that was out last year.

112+ Preamp/Distortion


I believe this is the only gain pedal currently in circulation which represents that perennial favourite home-play Amp - the Peavey Bandit - which many have and love.


The circuit very much preserves those low-end frequencies for a full-frequency range richly textured drive and distortion sound. Accompanied by a very handy 3-Band Passive EQ.


Controls are : Drive, Voice : Modern/Vintage/Fat. Level, Bass, Mids, Treble.


I have been after one of these for a while - and the added impetus of new cool colourways was all the motivation I needed evidently. Very happy to have snagged one of the Coral-accented editions with Pink, Gold and Silver knobs!

Spidola Germanium Fuzz Device


And so to the very first Demedash Pedal I acquired - the Spidola Germanium Fuzz Device - which ingeniously splits off the High and Low frequency tone generation - such that the Higher Frequencies are generated via NOS Soviet Germanium Transistor, and the Lower Frequencies are generated via rather more modern Opamp.


Note that the Cyrillic translation has been updated with help from my friend Vitalii Bobrov, and the labels are also slightly different - where before we used to have Push, Level, Low and High, while now we have Gain, Level, Bass and Treble - exactly the same functions - simply just updated variation labels.


This was originally released in 4 different editions - Metallic Teal and Metallic Red Stamped enclosures with silver knobs, then a Red edition with plastic knobs, and a Red edition with Gold Knobs - exactly the same variety as featured here. For me the Gold Knob variety is the most iconic - and the one I own. You need to be very quick on this occasion though as only 5 are being offered up in this batch!



Do you have a favourite or two Demedash Pedal of your own - and which is your favourite variety of T-120 - in terms of colourway?

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