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Supro Unveils Smartly Elegant and Lush Full Stereo BBD Chorus

Chorus and VibratoModulationSupro
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Supro have earned a fine reputation for delivering streamlined / simple, but undeniably fine sounding analog pedals. The range currently stands at 4 - which means that the only one I have to date - the Supro Fuzz - has been discontinued!


Supro is probably best known in this category for its Harmonic Tremolo - which is still many players’ favourite of that type. While I typically prefer my modulations to come with a little more added smarts - including tap-tempo for instance and/or possibly onboard footswitchable presets. I have long had the Supro Drive pedal as a target - while I generally have other preferences for Chorus, Delay and Tremolo.


I’ve actually really warmed to this MN3007 Chorus the longer I’ve considered it - and it’s really quite innovative for all its apparent simplicity. The Innovations here are really those two lower knobs - Time and Dimension. The first allows you to set a delay time on one of the stereo chorus lines, and the latter allows you to mix one of the lines into the other. Each gives you an added degree of texture and movement - and further elevates an already very rich sounding modulation.


Added to the innovative parameter controls, this pedal also is one of those rare ones with 4 top-mounted jacks - rendering full Stereo Ins and Outs. There are a number of fine Stereo Choruses out there - but few are quite as innovative and well-contained as this one.


You finally have a toggle to switch between Chorus and Vibrato - and of course the essential Speed and Depth controls that all choruses have.


This is a great proposition really - and while I have other preferences like I said, and other priorities on my wishlist I still may consider this one of these days. I don’t doubt that this is going to make a number of people very happy.


What’s your favourite Chorus - and is this a significant contender for you?


Pricing is at $249 which is about the typical going price for a boutique BBD Chorus.

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Stefan Karlsson
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