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ThorpyFX Reveals Tiny Baby Always-on FLIR Buffer Pedal in Miniaturised Enclosure


Adrian shared this with me at least a month ago now - and while I don’t really need one as I already have buffers onboard certain pedals in my signal chain. I nevertheless really want one - if for nothing else other than a cute objet d’art, memento / memorabilia or paperweight even - and in any case it’s always nice to have a buffer in reserve in case you really need one - and none are as elegant as this!


It’s diminutive dimensions are Size : (W)47mm x(L)78mm x(H)34mm vs the typical compact Thorpy Size : (W)65mm x(L)125mm x(H)53mm.


Like I mentioned - this is an always-on buffer, and requires a 9V power-supply. It derives its name from a particular sort of military night-scope, where FLIR stands for Forward-Looking Infrared. It is used on a variety of different vehicles by the Airforce, Army and Navy and is available in hand-held format too per the engraving. The analogy here being in terms of source / signal enhancement and intensification.


This is a limited-run release as such depending on how many orders come into the site - you can buy some now from the ThorpyFX Webstore for £100 near enough. Adrian warns though that these will likely not be delivered in time for Christmas - you may have noticed that the post office is unusually slow these days and is taking up to 4 days to clear first class packages!


As this is a buffer there is no demo video available as nigh impossible to demonstrate satisfactorily in such a fashion.

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Stefan Karlsson
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