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Hungry Robot Launches New and Improved V2 Mini and Deluxe Editions of The Wardenclyffe Lo-Fi Ambient Modulator

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In case you’re not fully in the picture, Hungry Robot best describes the Wardenclyffe as follows :


"Depending on knob positions, it can be used subtly as a vibrato, chorus, or pad reverb, or by cranking the filter, depth, and wet knobs you can get into extremely nauseating lo-fi territory."


You can see from its controls what the pedal essentially does :

  • WET : Level of Wet signal, goes above unity gain fully CW
  • DRY : Level of Dry signal, this matches unity gain fully CW
  • HP/LP : Switches between High Pass Filter (Up) and Low Pass Filter (Down)
  • FILTER : Blends between filtered signal and clean signal, Filters have a fixed cutoff frequency
  • PAD : Switches on a ’below-the-mix’ ambient reverb that sits just at the edge of infinite sustain
  • LFO/GLITCH : Selects modulation source for pitch-bending. LFO is a standard SINE Wave. Glitch is a how a SINE Wave acts after a few drinks
  • DEPTH : Controls the depth of the pitch-bending modulation
  • SPEED : Controls the speed of the pitch-bending modulation

The New V2 Mini has all the same controls as the original - just smaller - the LFO/Glitch label is replaced by some squiggly lines/ symbol!


For the Deluxe Edition there are a number of additions to the format as indicated in the above visual :

  • New VINYL FX x 3 : Hiss, Crackle and Pop!
  • New CLOCK Rate Knob : which allows you to drop the fidelity of the output, also impacts LFO speed
  • New CRUSH Switch : obviously a form of bitcrusher for even more broken up Lo-Fi sounds
  • New DETUNE Switch : for more Vibrato warble
  • New PAD Knob : you can now vary the degree of ambient reverb in the signal, this is fixed on the smaller models
  • New Second TAP-TEMPO Footswitch : you can now tap in the Speed
  • New LFO RATE LED : second LED which indicates LFO speed

The Deluxe is obviously the ultimate format of Lo-Fi Ambient modulator - buy I feel I am more likely to own the new V2 Mini / Compact version! These are officially on the catalogue next year - February I beliveve, while the Deluxe and V2 has a smaller pre-order patch at $297 and $197 respectively - and there are still some V2 Mini’s to be had!


There’s a few really decent Lo-Fi Modulators out there, but the Deluxe has to be the lead candidate for the category - while it’s just a little too large for my preferences - hopefully they can re-shape some of that into the V1 format of enclosure and I could probably just about accommodate that. For now though - the V2 Mini is looking like the right one for me - and it goes in on next year’s wishlist / acquisition list!


There are alas no new demos yet - so we will have to do with the Scott ’Knobs’ Harper classic take :

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