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Stone Deaf FX Releases Really Rather Useful QBoost Dual Boost

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I’m a big dan of Stone Deaf FX pedals generally - while I really tend to favour their more compact enclosure editions - per the Tremotron and Syncopy pedals. So I was delighted to see that the QBoost is another compact variety of that ilk.


This is about as simple a pedal as there is - with just two knobs, and two footswitches. The left-knob and footswitch relate to the full-frequency Pre-Amp Boost / Push, while the high-hand knob and footswitch are for a frequency-focused Freq Boost - where you focus in on a specific cluster of frequencies ranging from 35Hz to 6kHz. Part of me would have liked to have seen a Q-Control too for that right-hand control - so you can refine or broaden the focus of frequency focus. While there is no dispute over just how useful such a pedal can be.


You can obviously use each boost channel as such independently or you can combine both for a very precisely honed lead solo boost.


You also have a V/M - Vintage / Modern Mode selector which shift the focus of the default boost EQ - or specifically really the degree of Mids in the signal.


I’m not sure I will find particular use for this in my own chain / rig, as I’m already very much aligned with Thorpy’s Heavy Water Dual Boost - where its Germanium Diode side is my mostly always-on texturising boost for added harmonics.


I see the QBoost being particularly handy into a somewhat cooking amp - as you can use it as a Treble Booster, Tube Screamer or say a Low-End Boost for Single Coil Pickups. I also know several players who use these sorts of boosts to ’tune’ their signal chain to different guitars and pickups - so you easily switch between Humbucker and Single Coil pickup guitars.


I feel this is going to do particularly well. It’s reasonably priced at £170 and available now on the Stone Deaf FX Webstore - while the overall run will be limited to 500 units.


Here follow the key demos from launch day :

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